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SharePoint 2013 limits Part-2

List and Document library Limits:

– List or library row size can be of 8000 bytes per row.

– The default maximum file size is 250 MB. But you can configure it up to 2 GB but as the size increases it will give some performance issue.

– There can be 30,000,000 documents stored per document library.

– 400,000 major versions supported for a file.

– The maximum number of minor file versions is 511. This limit cannot be exceeded.

– There can have 30,000,000 items per list.

– The user interface allows a maximum of 100 items to be selected for bulk operations.

– You can do 8 join operation per query. If the query uses more than eight joins, the operation is blocked.

– The list threshold limit is 5,000 items per list.


List view threshold for auditors and administrators is 20,000.

– There can be 2000 sub site per site view.

– There can have 10 concurrent editors per document for coauthoring in word or PowerPoint files.

– The maximum number of unique security scopes set for a list cannot exceed 50,000.

SharePoint 2013 security limits:

– A user can belongs to maximum of 5000 SharePoint groups.

– You can add 2 million per users per site collection.

– In SharePoint 2013 you can add 5000 users to a SharePoint group.

– In SharePoint 2013 you can add upto 10,000 groups per site collection.

SharePoint 2013 limits Part-1

In this post we will discuss about what are the limits imposed in SharePoint 2013.
Limits of SharePoint 2013 towards web application level:
– There can have 20 web application possible per SharePoint farm in SharePoint 2013.
– There can have 5 zones per web application and these are Default, Intranet, Extranet, Internet, and custom.
– There can have 20 Managed path for host-named site collections per farm.
– There can have 20 Managed path for path-based site collections per web application.
– In SharePoint 2013 Solution cache size can be 300 MB per web application.
The solution cache allows the InfoPath Forms service to hold solutions in cache in order to speed up retrieval of the solutions. If the cache size is exceeded, solutions are retrieved from disk, which may slow down response times.
– There can have 10 application pools per web server.

Limits of SharePoint 2013 towards content database level:

– There can be 500 content databases per farm. 

– The content database size can be of 200 GB.

– In the document archive scenarios, there is no limit on content database size.

– There can have 60 million items including list and document items inside content databases.

– Maximum of 10,000 site collections can be possible per content database. There can have 2,500 non-Personal site collections and 7,500 Personal Sites, or 10,000 Personal Sites alone.

– The time to first byte of any response from the Network Attached Storage (NAS) cannot exceed 20 milliseconds.

Limits of SharePoint 2013 towards Site collection level:

– There can have 750,000 (500,000 Personal Sites and 250,000 other sites per farm) site collections per farm.

– 250,000 Web site are supported per site collection.

– The maximum allowed number of device channels per publishing site collection is 10.